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Moving Moment - One teen’s story of triumph transitioning from Middle School to High School

It was in the corridors of Junior High School where TJ's journey (name changed to protect client privacy) took an unexpected turn. For years, he had navigated the challenges of school with quiet determination, but the transition to a new environment in High School proved daunting for this 14-year-old. Recognizing the need for support, his family turned to AZA United's Clinical Family Coaching program (CFC).

"Reflecting on TJ's tumultuous journey,” his mother shared, "we were at a loss, watching TJ struggle to find his place in a world that seemed too overwhelming for him."

The transition to high school exacerbated TJ’s difficulty, as he grappled with anxiety and unfamiliar social dynamics. Faced with the daunting prospect of starting all over again, his family felt a wave of apprehension.

"Watching TJ struggle was heart-wrenching," his mother shared. "But AZA United became our lifeline."

With the guidance of the CFC team’s dedicated professionals, TJ's family found reassurance and practical assistance. Together, they worked to address his anxieties and prepare him for his new school. From personalized social stories to therapeutic visits to the school grounds, every intervention was tailored to empower TJ and instill confidence in his abilities.

"AZA United's support was invaluable," his mother said. "Their strategies helped TJ build confidence."

As the dawn of a new school day approached, anticipation mingled with trepidation. Thanks to personalized interventions and therapeutic visits, TJ found the strength to face his challenges head-on.

"I was nervous, but AZA United gave me the tools I needed," TJ reflected.

His mother recalls, "I watched with bated breath as TJ embraced this new chapter of his life," she continued, her voice suffused with pride. "And when he returned home with tales of a fulfilling day, my heart swelled with gratitude."

Today, TJ's strides toward success serve as a testament to the transformative power of compassion and resilience. "In moments of doubt, AZA United's steadfast support reminds us that we are never alone in this journey," his mother affirmed. "For that, we will be eternally grateful."


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