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Clinical Family Coaching

What is Clinical Family Coaching?

Clinical Family Coaching (CFC) is an innovative program which has been crafted to create and grow the vitality and well-being of families by pinpointing and improving the most significant challenging behaviors. Parent and caregiver training is a primary component of the CFC program, which is especially important when families have tried other behavior coaching programs in the past and have not been able to sustain positive results. The inclusion of additional family members and caregivers such as grandparents, older siblings, or other providers is vital to the sustainability of behavior change over time. 

This life-changing service is provided in the settings that matter most to each family, whether that is the family's home, a group home, or other community settings. The family and clinical team meet and work together about twice a week for 2 hours at a time (on average), for a duration of roughly 9 months.  The CFC program is led by a dedicated team of experienced clinical professionals, and each client's individualized program is overseen by a licensed and Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). Through comprehensive training and support, our CFC Team empowers family members to use effective behavior support techniques to improve challenging behaviors and sustain a higher quality of life over time for the whole family. 


Who Benefits from Clinical Family Coaching?

This service is available to families enrolled in the state behavioral health system. Individuals are commonly referred to our program for the treatment of challenging behaviors such as self-injury, physical aggression, severe tantrums, elopement (escaping from caregivers), and other high-risk behaviors. 

The work of the Clinical Family Coaching program serves as a point of hope for children, adolescents, teenagers, and adults on the autism spectrum, and their devoted parents or guardians residing in Maricopa County. All sessions actively involve parents or caregivers.


The AZA Approach

At the core of Clinical Family Coaching lies an approach we refer to as "Walking the Path of Progress." CFC is an integrated blend of evidence-based practices rooted in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA).  Related components include Parent Management Training, Behavioral Skills Training, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. This mix is designed to address profoundly challenging behaviors while equipping family members with the skills needed to intervene and maintain progress over time.

Our methodology thrives on a collaborative and interdisciplinary philosophy, coordinating with professionals working closely with the family (psychologists, psychiatrists, case managers, habilitation providers, teachers, counselors, etc.). Our coaching teams operate within a relational context, recognizing that problem behavior exists within the larger family dynamic. This approach promotes the engagement of all family members throughout the treatment journey.


How to Get Started

Our Clinical Family Coaching services require a referral from a behavioral health case manager within an AHCCCS or DDD healthplan. For families new to this process, we can help.

AZA United's Family Support Team is ready and willing to offer guidance and support at no cost, helping families navigate the eligibility application and service request process.  Please contact us or use the link below to make a phone appointment with our Family Support team that works with your schedule:



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