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Attendant Care FAQs

Many Arizona families who receive DDD services benefit from the Attendant Care program.  For families that are new to the system or have never learned about this service, you may have questions about how Attendant Care can benefit your child and family. In this comprehensive blog, we address frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Attendant Care to help families understand how this essential service can help your family, so that you can make informed decisions for yourself and your loved ones. 


1. What is Attendant Care?

There are two variations of this service: "Attendant Care" and "Attendant Care Supervision."

  • Attendant Care provides assistance to the client with personal care tasks that he/she cannot do independently, such as feeding, toileting, bathing, grooming, meal preparation, etc.
  • Attendant Care Supervision provides constant supervision for individuals that cannot safely be left alone. This variation of the service does not involve doing any personal care tasks. Unlike Respite services, Attendant Care Supervision CAN be used while parents are at work. Whether it is considered “Attendant Care” or “Attendance Care Supervision,” it will look the same on the DDD (Division of Developmental Disabilities) Service plan. It will be listed as “Attendant Care.”


2. Who qualifies to receive Attendant Care?

Members enrolled with the Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD) and that have been approved for funding through the Arizona Long Term Care System are eligible. These services can be approved for individuals of various ages and disabilities that meet DDD’s qualifying criteria, after the support coordinator completes a needs assessment with the family.


3. How are Attendant Care services approved?

Attendant Care is approved based on the individual’s needs. The individual’s DDD support coordinator and the parent/guardian meet to complete a needs assessment, which is typically based on an interview and observation. Contact your support coordinator to start this process.


4. Who provides Attendant Care?

Direct Support Providers that work for AZA United and provide Habilitation or Respite can also provide Attendant Care services if they complete additional training requirements and receive approval from AZA United to begin. If parents know a friend, relative or someone else that would like to provide any of these services for their child, refer them to AZA United to apply as a family referral.


5. How long does it take AZA United to find an Attendant Care provider to work with my child?

It depends on each family’s individual needs. AZA United has many qualified providers on staff, and we are always recruiting and hiring new employees. Providers may work full time or part time and are generally matched with a family within 15 miles of their home. Therefore, finding a provider requires a match in schedule and location. Families may contact multiple agencies or ask their support coordinator to help find a provider if AZA United does not have one available.


6. Is there anything I can do to speed up the process to get matched with an Attendant Care provider?

The most important thing is to always give us accurate and updated information regarding your needs, especially your schedule. As soon as we have a provider available, we will attempt to connect you with the provider. Be sure to return all phone calls or emails from AZA United promptly and be as flexible as possible in scheduling your initial meeting with the provider. You also have the option to do your own recruiting to find someone that would like to work with your child. This approach gives you more options to build your team, but we will continue our search for you at the same time.


7. If I know someone that would like to work with my child, can AZA United hire them?

Yes. It is common for families to refer an individual to AZA United, which we call a “family referral.” It may be a relative, someone you know, or someone that you recruited to work with your child. The advantage of this approach is that you can personally select who you would like on your team. All family referrals need to complete the same application and hiring processes as other providers. As long as they meet the same standards as all applicants, they should be eligible for hire. Please note that we cannot disclose specific information with families regarding hiring decisions for applicants. If you have a provider you would like to recruit, please refer them to our website for the application and let them know to include your contact information in the “pre-match” section.


8. Can I be my own child’s Attendant Care provider and get paid?

Typically, parents can become paid providers for their own children. Our blog, The Who, What, Why and How of the Parent Provider Program is a useful reference. If you are interested in becoming a Parent Provider, visit our website to complete an application.


9. Can a family member be my child’s Attendant Care provider?

Yes. It is common for family members such as siblings, aunts, uncles, or grandparents to be attendant care providers. They need to complete the same application and hiring processes as all new attendant care providers and be at least 18 years old.


10. What is the hiring process for new providers?

All new providers must first complete our online employment application, which is available on our website in the Jobs/Careers section. If all initial requirements in the application are met, we conduct an in-person interview. If the applicant meets our standards for the position, they will be offered a position following the completion of an orientation and initial training class. There are a few other requirements as well, including CPR, First Aid, Article 9 training, and a fingerprint clearance screening. If a parent wants to be a paid provider for their own minor child under special circumstances, they should contact us first for a different application.


11. Can the same person provide Habilitation, Respite and Attendant Care for my child?

Yes, but Attendant Care providers must also complete the state-mandated Direct Care Worker Training program as well as meet continuing education requirements. AZA United will assist any interested employee with completing the attendant care requirements. Once approved, it is up to families to schedule shifts as needed directly with their providers if they do not exceed 40 hours a week even if they are authorized for more between all three services. All services must stay within the number of hours that DDD has authorized.


12. If I am waiting for a provider and my schedule changes, who should I contact?

You can call our main office at 602-773-5773 or fill out this online availability survey anytime.


13. How do I assign my child’s Attendant Care hours to AZA United?

If we have a provider assigned to them, inform your DDD support coordinator that you would like to assign these hours to AZA United.


14. Can I use Attendant Care providers from more than one agency?

To use providers from multiple agencies, your authorized hours will need to be split by your DDD support coordinator. Additional rules may apply; talk to your support coordinator for more information.


15. How long can I expect an Attendant Care provider to work with my child?

We ask all providers to commit to at least one year when they agree to work with a new family. In some cases, the relationship lasts for many years. However, there is never a guarantee. Sometimes providers move on before fulfilling the commitment. If your relationship ends sooner than expected, please contact us as soon as possible so we can do everything we can to find a new provider for your child’s team.


16. Can an Attendant Care provider accompany a family on a trip out of state?

In order to provide services out of state, families must first get permission from their DDD support coordinator. If possible, provide advance notice to AZA United administration as well. Please note that AHCCCS (Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System) does not permit billable services to be provided outside of the United States under any circumstance.


AZA United's Family Support Team is ready and willing to offer guidance and support at no cost, helping families navigate the eligibility application and service request process.  Please contact us or use the link below to make a phone appointment with our Family Support team that works with your schedule:



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