Our Mission is to help as many families as possible with individualized supports.

Social Groups

About Social Groups

This service emphasizes social language use in a group setting.  Groups are led by a Speech and Language Specialist who is trained in managing group dynamics and facilitating social interactions through cooperative play and reciprocal conversation exchanges.  Groups meet weekly to establish and maintain consistent and on-going friendships.  Parents are taught ‘social vocabulary’ and learn to become instrumental social play facilitators.  Children learn that social interactions can be enjoyable.


Who Participates in Social Groups

Children who have mastered basic language concepts and are fluently using these language skills with adults, but are in need of organized practice interacting with their peers. 


The AZA Approach

AZA United believes in a family-centered approach to service where parents and professionals work together to develop effective plans to help their children.  Our Speech and Language Specialists are specifically trained to understand the unique characteristics of the autism diagnosis.  Additionally, they are skilled in creating language opportunities between peers and facilitate social play interactions.


Funding Options

The following options are available to pay for Social Groups:

  • Private insurance benefits
  • Out-of-pocket payment
  • Empowerment Scholarship Account (click here for info)

For more information on how to access funding for services, click here.


Getting Started

Social groups are scheduled throughout the year.  For more information, please contact us.  

Having trouble getting the help, support, and funding you need? We can help.
Having trouble getting the help, support, and funding you need? We can help.