Our Mission is to help as many families as possible with individualized supports.


What is Habilitation?

This service is provided in the home by Habilitation Providers that work one-to-one with the child, doing activities to teach a variety of important skills and improve behavior.  Goals are typically in the areas of communication, socialization, gross and fine motor, cognition, and adaptive behavior.  Parents play a lead role in habilitation services by helping to develop goals, select staff, coordinate services, and participate in the home program.  Habilitation Providers are paraprofessionals with varying levels of training and experience.


Who Receives Habilitation?

Children of all ages can typically receive habilitation.  Some young adults may also qualify.  Each family’s program is unique, and service amounts can range from about 5 to 25 hours per week. 


The AZA Approach

AZA United believes in a family-centered approach to service where parents and professionals work together to develop effective plans to help their children.  Habilitation services can be highly individualized and vary from family to family.  Our goal is to provide families with high quality Habilitation Providers that are compassionate, skilled, and a good fit for the family’s preferences.  AZA United continually recruits, hires, trains and places Habilitation Providers with families across the valley.  In some cases, parents recruit candidates for their own habilitation team and refer them to AZA United for application, hiring and training.  AZA United provides many resources and supports for families and staff to enhance each child’s home habilitation program.


Funding Options

Habilitation services are authorized by the Arizona Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD).  To be eligible for funding, families must be approved through Arizona Long Term Care Services (ALTCS).  AZA United is available to assist families at no cost through the process of applying for ALTCS eligibility and requesting habilitation services through DDD. 

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Getting Started

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