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Diagnostic Evaluations

What is a Diagnostic Evaluation?

Diagnostic evaluations are conducted by a clinical psychologist with specialized training and expertise in diagnosing autism spectrum disorder (ASD) as well as other developmental disabilities, behavioral disorders and related conditions.  Evaluations are available for any age and may be an important step toward gaining access to treatments and services. 

An accurate diagnosis can provide families a better understanding of how to help their loved one. It also assists therapy providers in determining the best course of treatment to improve long-term outcomes and qualify of life.  


Who Receives Diagnostic Evaluations?

AZA United specializes in diagnostic evaluations for autism spectrum disorder (ASD) for children and adults of any age.  Additionally, comprehensive developmental and psychological evaluations for other psychological, developmental, emotional and/or behavioral challenges are also available. 


The AZA Approach

For many years, parents have encountered barriers and challenges when seeking an evaluation for a child with autism.  AZA United’s diagnostic evaluations program was developed with a focus on removing those barriers and creating a support system to guide families through the process fluidly.  We can evaluate individuals of all ages for a variety of disorders or conditions so that families can have all of their diagnostic needs met in one place.  We also accept many forms of insurance (including Medicaid) and have a scholarship program to ensure evaluations are affordable.  Individualized assessments are tailored to the unique needs of each individual.  We offer four levels of evaluations, from basic to comprehensive, that are based on the complexity of symptoms.  The level of assessment will be determined after gathering information on specific concerns and reasons for seeking an evaluation. 

The process of receiving a diagnosis for your child can be very difficult emotionally.  Traditionally, parents are left mostly on their own to figure out what to do next.  At AZA United, we take a different approach.  Using a model we call Support from the Start, we offer a team approach to helping parents navigate the emotional and logistical challenges that follow a diagnosis.  Our Family Support Team can help parents through the maze of service delivery systems to make sure they get the right treatments and supports in place as soon as possible.  There is no additional cost for this service.  We believe that helping families through this critical phase is crucial toward finding your path of long-term success.


Funding Options

The following options are available to pay for diagnostic evaluations:

  • Medicaid (AHCCCS & DDD health plans)
  • Private insurance
  • Out-of-pocket payment (financial assistance may be available)

For more information on how to access funding for servicesclick here.


Getting Started

Before you request an evaluation, we highly recommend speaking with our Family Support Team.  They will help you understand the diagnostic evaluation process so that you know what to expect.  They can also share other helpful resources you may need.  To schedule a FREE call or virtual meeting with a Family Support Specialist, click here and select the "diagnostic evaluation" category.

Once you are ready to proceed, the next step is to fill out our screening form.  Once you complete it, a member of our team will let you know if any other information is needed.  

  • Click here to request an evaluation for your CHILD if you are the legal guardian
  • Click here to request an evaluation for YOURSELF if you are your own legal guardian

Please note that we are currently experiencing high demand for evaluations, and the wait time for appointments may be several months.

Having trouble getting the help, support, and funding you need? We can help.
Having trouble getting the help, support, and funding you need? We can help.