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East Valley Center

What is the East Valley Center?

In 2020, AZA United opened our first early intervention therapy clinic.  Located in the city of Mesa, the East Valley Center is a place for children to receive life-changing therapies in a warm, fun and uplifting environment.  AZA United established this center as a model of excellence for best practices in autism treatment.  We integrate our family-centered approach to care into a lively clinic space that emphasizes a play-based approach to learning and lots of opportunities to interact with peers and develop social skills.  The center features a variety of rooms with fun and interesting themes, as well as a private playground with many different outdoor games and activities. 

Watch this short video for a virtual tour of the East Valley Center:




What services are offered at the East Valley Center?

The services listed below are all offered at the East Valley Center:

Some children come for just one hour per week to receive a specific therapy, while others may come as often as daily for comprehensive interdisciplinary treatment that includes multiple therapies.  Some families also receive a combination of in-home and center-based services, depending on the child and family's needs.  The East Valley Center is designed for children ranging from toddlers to elementary school grades, depending on which programs or services they participate in. 


How can my child receive services at the East Valley Center?

Contact us to get connected with our Family Support Team.  Our specialists will assist you in determining what services your child needs, what funding is available, and how to receive services at the East Valley Center.

You can call our main office, or use the Contact Us page to submit an electronic request or book an appointment for a phone call.

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