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Charitable Organization Tax Credit

What is the Charitable Organization Tax Credit?

The state of Arizona has a special program that allows residents to direct some of their tax dollars to charities they support.  The AZ Department of Revenue has a list online of approved “Qualifying Charitable Organizations,” and AZA United is approved.  All you have to do is make a donation to AZA United now, and then fill out Form 321 with your state taxes to claim the credit.*  You will then receive a 100% refund for the donation you made when you get your tax refund.* 

Beginning in 2018, the Arizona Department of Revenue has assigned a "QCO Code" to each qualifying charitable organization.  Donors must use this code to claim the tax credit on state income tax returns.  AZA United's QCO Code is:  20353

The state of Arizona limit for Charitable Organization Tax Credit donations is $400 for an individual and $800 for a married couple filing jointly. 

A law passed in 2013 allows anyone who files taxes in Arizona to claim this tax credit.  It is separate from other tax credits, such as the private and public/charter school tax credits.  So, that means you can claim them all.

For more information, visit the AZ Department of Revenue FAQs page:

Many corporations will also match employee donations to charities.  To see if your employer offers matching donations, click here.

*Please consult your tax advisor to determine your individual eligibility.


How do I make a donation?

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Having trouble getting the help, support, and funding you need? We can help.
Having trouble getting the help, support, and funding you need? We can help.