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Viviana’s Story: A Moving Moment Story About Growth and Connection

In this moving moment story, we follow Viviana, a vibrant five-year-old whose boundless energy and love for music and dance set the stage for a transformative tale of communication, connection and growth. 


Meeting Viviana: A Journey Begins

Viviana (name changed to protect client privacy), a vibrant five-year-old, embarked on her journey with AZA United at the tender age of three. With a personality as fiery as her favorite KPOP beats, she brought boundless energy and a love for music and dance. Raised in a bustling household with six older sisters and one older brother, Viviana was accustomed to the joy of family but faced challenges in expressing her needs and emotions.


Early Struggles and Family Concerns

Initially, Viviana struggled to communicate her desires, often withdrawing, or pushing away when unable to convey her needs. This presented a dilemma for her family, who found it difficult to discern her wants and provide the support she needed. Despite their best efforts, they felt uncertain and concerned about the best way forward. 


A Journey of Progress: From PECS to AAC

Working with AZA Behavior Technician, Maria, in an in-home setting, Viviana initially communicated through a Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS). When our West Valley Center opened and her therapy with Maria moved there, too, she transitioned to an Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) device. With the AAC and the collaboration of the therapy team, Viviana blossomed, confidently expressing her desires, exploring new concepts, and finding her confidence. 


A Transformation at Home

The impact of Viviana's progress extended beyond our West Valley Center, touching every aspect of her family life. Simple achievements, like learning to dress herself or enjoying playtime with her siblings, brought a sense of much-needed normalcy. With communication barriers breaking down, Viviana's family felt more connected and capable of meeting her needs.


The Power of Collaboration

Central to Viviana's progress was the collaborative approach taken by her therapy team and family members. By integrating insights from speech sessions and tailoring interventions to her unique learning style, they ensured that therapy was engaging and enjoyable. This approach not only accelerated Viviana's growth but also empowered her family to better understand and support her journey.


Looking Ahead: Milestones and Reflections

As Viviana and her family prepare to move out of state, her journey continues with exciting milestones on the horizon. While she may still be mastering fully formed expressions, her ability to connect concepts with her devices shows promise. For Maria, Viviana's dedicated behavior technician, the journey has been deeply rewarding, filled with countless cherished moments of laughter, exploration, and growth.


Celebrating Viviana: A Community's Triumph

Some of Maria’s favorite memories of working with Viviana are a joyful montage of abject silliness, laughter, and discovery. Whether exploring, playing on the swings, dancing together or practicing lots of mimicking silly faces with each other, Maria’s dedication to Viviana is obvious. In reflecting on Viviana's journey, Maria shares,

“It’s been such a privilege how we’ve all been able to work together, be a community to give her the best support.” 

Viviana's journey exemplifies the transformative power of connection, collaboration, and unwavering dedication. As she continues to thrive, her story serves as an inspiration to all who witness the profound impact of love and support.


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