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The Importance of Grants for Nonprofits

Anyone who has ever worked with or received services from a nonprofit knows that these organizations play a crucial role in providing deeply needed services and supports within our communities. To meet the needs of those they serve and to grow, nonprofits need several sources of funding, and often engage in fundraising efforts to achieve their goals.  One method of fundraising is grant-seeking.  Continue reading this blog to learn more about what grants are and how they've helped AZA United reach more families in need.

What is a “Grant”?

Grants are financial resources provided by government agencies, foundations, corporations, and other entities to support nonprofit organizations in their work. Grants can enable nonprofits to achieve their goals, grow, and create lasting change. Nonprofits determine which funders align with their mission and submit requests according to each funder’s guidelines. If awarded a grant, funders will often require that grantees submit reports to demonstrate the impact of the grant award.

Here are 10 ways that grant funds can help organizations like AZA United: 

  • Program and operating support: Grants can provide much-needed funding for operational expenses, and support for existing programs.
  • Program Development: Nonprofits can use grants to create or expand programs and services to improve access to care for the many services the community needs.
  • Capacity Building: Grants may include funds for growing a nonprofit – from opening new locations to adding staff, as well as staff training and development.
  • Innovation: Grants support the development of innovative solutions to pressing challenges at an organizational and societal level.
  • Advocacy and Awareness: In some cases, grants can be used to raise awareness about important social issues and advocate for policy changes that impact the organization's beneficiaries.
  • Research and Data Collection: Grants can help nonprofits conduct research, gather data, and assess the impact of their programs, making evidence-based decisions for the future.
  • Collaboration: Some grants encourage collaboration among nonprofits and other stakeholders, fostering partnerships that lead to more comprehensive and effective solutions.
  • Capacity for Sustainability: Grants can fund efforts to create sustainable revenue streams for nonprofits, reducing their dependence on grants in the long term.
  • Visibility and Credibility: Receiving grants can enhance a nonprofit's reputation and make it more attractive to other donors and supporters.
  • Community Engagement: Grants empower nonprofits to engage with their communities, involving beneficiaries and other stakeholders in the decision-making process.


As a nonprofit serving Arizona families in the autism community since 2006, AZA United has received numerous grants over the years which has had a direct impact on families in Arizona.  These grants include:

Abbett Family Foundation

Provided AZA United with a number of grants for infrastructure and expansion initiatives.

Gila River Indian Community

Funded the development and expansion of the Family Support Program and the West Valley Center.

Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust

Provided vital funding for the creation of our Diagnostics Services, overall expansion projects and capacity building needs.

Phoenix Suns Charities, including the Devin Booker Starting Five grant

Supported multiple programs and activities for youth, and contributed to the development of our West Valley Center.

Cardinals Charities 

Funded our Sensory Cooking Program and other family programs over the years.

BHHS Legacy Foundation

Provided funding to help the opening of our West Valley Center.

The Board of Visitors

Contributed to the growth of the Diagnostics Services to have a greater community reach and impact.

The Diane and Bruce Halle Foundation

Provided years of support for the development and growth of our Psychological & Mental Health Services, as well as helped launch our Occupational Therapy services.


Thanks to these generous donors and their grant programs, AZA United has been able to make significant strides toward fulfilling our mission and better serve our community.  We are forever grateful for your support of the AZA United and our local autism community!

If you are interested in making a donation to support our mission and work, please contact our development team at or 602-773-5780


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