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Summer Activities to Keep Your Child Active

Summer Activities to Keep the Children Active

Written by the AZA United's Speech and Language Team


Summer is upon us, and our kiddos are needing activities to stay connected now, more than ever!

After over a year of living in pandemic times, you’ve probably read every book a hundred times, colored every super hero or princess page you could find, put together, lost, found, re-lost, and put together again, every puzzle in your house, and endured countless Peppa Pig/Mickey Mouse Clubhouse/Thomas & Friends video runs. It might be time to refresh your inventory to get through summer break. Have no fear! The caring people at Arizona Autism United have compiled a list of a few of our favorite games, activities, and links to try out.

  • Pop-Up Pirate is a tried and true winner of a game. It gives kids a chance to practice their fine motor skills, sorting colors, turn-taking, and a fun little surprise when the pirate pops out of the barrel. Your kids will be screaming “aargh!” for days!
  • Another terrific turn-taker is Pizza Pile Up. This game will have your little ones cracking up as they try to balance the toppings on Papa’s precarious pizza dough. Be warned- you’ll probably wind up having pizza for dinner if you play this game!
  • Speaking of pizza, there is no better way to have a great time in the kitchen than making homemade pizza with your family! It’s as easy as 1,2,3 these days!

Step 1: purchase a bag of premade pizza dough from the deli section of your local grocer for about $2.50. Some local pizza places also sell regular and/or cauliflower dough.

Step 2: stretch the dough on a lightly floured surface- a great job for the little ones who enjoy sensory things on their hands.

Step 3: spread your favorite pizza sauce (here’s a super simple recipe) and add toppings. Bake at 450 degrees for 8-10 minutes, or until the crust is golden. Pro tip- let it cool a little before slicing.

  • If your future chefs are itching to get back to their devices after deconstructing your masterpiece and eating *only* the crust/cheese/pepperonis, head over to Funbrain for some simple keyboard games or to National Geographic Kids for awesome science games, facts, and even jokes!
  • When things get a little chaotic, it's nice to have a calming and therapeutic activity to help decrease overstimilation. Rock painting allows children to express themselves and be creative while sitting and attending to a task. This is a terrific craft to do together as a family!
  • Lastly, we all know how important movement is. Exercise is critical for the development of the body and the brain. There is a series of fun yoga sessions that are combined with story telling which make them very engaging. With a wide variety beloved themes including, Star Wars, Trolls, Frozen, Pokemon and much more! Children and adults can follow the easy routines on the Cosmic Kids Yoga YouTube channel while practicing additional skills like listening and following directions as they learn calming techniques. Give it a try!

Until next time, keep on loving each other, give lots of hugs, and stay safe!

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