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AZA United Receives “Autism Center of Excellence” Designation

AZA United has achieved a significant milestone in its ongoing commitment to the autism community. In a recent announcement, AZA United proudly shared that we have been designated as a Mercy Care Center of Excellence for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). This recognition underscores AZA United's unwavering commitment to providing exceptional care and support to individuals with autism and their families.

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A Testament to Collaboration and Compassion

Dr. Aaron Blocher-Rubin, the founder & CEO of AZA United, expressed profound gratitude for the honor, highlighting the collaborative journey shared with Mercy Care,

"Our focus at AZA United is to elevate the standard of care through innovative and evidence-based treatments, and to provide comprehensive services for all ages and levels of need to help each child, individual and family achieve their own personalized definition of success."

This sentiment encapsulates the heart of AZA United's mission and its dedication to individualized care.

Excellence in Action

The designation of AZA United as a Mercy Care Center of Excellence reflects the organization's unwavering commitment to implementing evidence-based practices and improving clinical outcomes. AZA United stands out for its compassionate, family-centered approach and its dedication to serving the most vulnerable members of the community. The transparent reporting of patient outcomes underscores AZA United's commitment to accountability and continuous improvement, ensuring that every individual receives the highest quality of care.


A Legacy of Impactful Service

Since its inception in 2006, AZA United has been a pillar of support for individuals with autism spectrum disorder and their families in Arizona. With over 800,000 hours of direct care services provided in 2023 alone, AZA United's impact reverberates across the state. From in-home services to therapy clinics throughout the Valley, AZA United remains steadfast in its commitment to providing essential diagnostic, therapy, and support services. Additionally, the organization extends its reach through community events, training classes, and consultative services for schools, ensuring holistic support for individuals with autism at every stage of life.


Looking Ahead

As AZA United embarks on its journey as a Mercy Care Center of Excellence, it remains dedicated to innovation and service excellence. By nurturing partnerships, embracing evidence-based practices, and prioritizing the needs of individuals and families, AZA United continues to shape a brighter future for the autism community. With humility and pride, AZA United reaffirms its commitment to empowering individuals with autism to thrive and succeed.

The designation of Arizona Autism United as a Mercy Care Center of Excellence signifies more than just an accolade—it is a symbol of hope, resilience, and unwavering dedication. As we celebrate this milestone, we honor the individuals, families, and communities who have been touched by AZA United's compassion and commitment. Together, we strive towards a future where every individual with autism has the opportunity to live their best life, supported by a community that values and uplifts their unique strengths and abilities.


AZA's Family Support Program

 AZA United's Family Support Team provides support and guidance for families facing any number of challenges as they navigate the Autism journey. This service is available at no charge to all members of the autism and developmental disability community. You may make a phone appointment that works with your schedule by visiting



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