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5 Signs That You’re a Fit for Team AZA

Arizona Autism United (AZA United) is known around the valley by families and professionals as an organization that is fully dedicated to providing an outstanding work experience for our staff.  We believe that fostering professional growth is a key component to achieving our mission of helping families and individuals because a community filled with competent and caring professionals has a direct impact on the quality of life for anyone affected by autism. And because of this, it takes the right person to join Team AZA; someone who shares our values and is committed to those we help, and who will foster the caring culture that is key to the AZA employee experience.

Let’s break down 5 tell-tale signs that you’re a fit for our team!

1. You are a dedicated people person
Calling all extroverts (and introverts, too - we’d never forget about you)! Whether working in the admin office, providing therapies to children, or building relationships in the community, you are always focused on the person in front of you, treating them with care and respect and greeting them with a smile.

One of our four core values is to “Bring People Together”. What do we mean by this? We know that at our core, we are a community organization; we serve a community, and we also build community by connecting families with each other, giving kids the opportunity to make new friends, engaging our donors and supporters in building a shared vision of the future. And key to this is our AZA team. We make a point of celebrating our successes together with the most important part of the organization: our teammates. Interested in learning about the values that are our guiding principles? You can read all about it here.

2. You like bragging rights
How would you like to brag to your friends that you work for an award-winning nonprofit? Not to brag (okay, we’re bragging!) but we have been honored with the AZ Top Workplace Award which is considered the gold standard of employee recognition. Central to this award is an employee engagement survey. That means our AZA team provided enough feedback to deem us worthy of this award. Can you say, “proud”?

And while this prestigious award is something we are proud of; you can find other views of us as an employer in several places including Glassdoor. In fact, of Glassdoor’s 72 reviews, we scored 4.7 out of 5-stars. Even better…a whopping 96% of our staff would recommend us as an employer to a friend. Need more evidence of why you could brag about being on the AZA team? Our reviews on indeed speak for themselves. What is more, our President (and Founder) of AZA, Dr. Aaron Blocher-Rubin, who has a 95% approval rate on Glassdoor, was recently named one of the Nonprofit Leaders of the Year! He even wrote this open letter to future members of the AZA Team.

3. “Advancement” is your middle name
By now you can probably appreciate our dedication to community (both within and without our organization) and how our employees themselves have given us a stellar reputation as an employer. So, let’s talk about how we support continuing education and advancement of our team.  

All our leaders and management staff are committed to ongoing education and professional development for their teams. We provide paid training and certification opportunities to both full-time and part-time team members. We are a culture that nurtures our staff if they are interested in growing, advancing, or even trying a new role. If you speak to anyone on staff who has been with us for at least two years, you are likely to hear interesting stories about how they started and how they’ve advanced to where they are now.

4. The term "nonprofit" speaks to your heart
If you’ve been looking for a place to work that has meaning, purpose and is a big picture of doing good in this world, then the AZA team could be for you! It is true that there is an emergence of service providers in the autism service industry, but not many are nonprofits. And unlike for-profit companies which generate profit, charitable nonprofits exist to make the world better by serving the underserved and helping those in need. The key for us is to apply this value beyond the families that we help every day.  We have a responsibility to be of service to each one of our employees, to help them with whatever they need to be successful in their work and in their professional passions.  This happens by being responsive to feedback, creating user-friendly systems and sensible policies, and making time to give each teammate individual attention and support. 

5. You value being valued in ways that matter
One of the reasons we won our Top Employer Award (number 2 above), is because we demonstrate how we value our team in meaningful ways. Here are just a few examples:

  • Competitive pay with guaranteed increases every 6 months for most positions (including part-time)
  • Flexible working and work/life balance. Here is what some employees have said in their reviews:
    • “Good work/life balance and remote work”
    • “Nice to have vacation and paid holidays”
  • Health insurance plans to fit every need. It can be an expensive world in healthcare, but we strive to make sure everyone has options that can work for them. This is echoed by additional staff comments:
    • “AZA has some awesome benefits!”
    • “The health insurance is especially affordable”
  • We provide Lifeworks, a fully supportive employee wellness platform, which provides even more services for our staff including counseling options, peer-to-peer recognition and a rich source of content and tips for all things wellness.

We are passionate about serving our client families, but we also recognize our most important asset: our people. If you have seen yourself in our list and it has spoken to you, go to our careers page to see our openings.

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