Our Mission is to help as many families as possible with individualized supports.

Staff Bio - Chris DeRusha

Chris DeRusha joins us with over 14 years of IT management experience. His career path in IT started at a young age while helping a neighborhood computer shop build new PCs. This led to his desire to pursue his bachelor's degree in Computer Science. Since then, Chris has worked for manufacturing, engineering, and medical organizations. He now has extensive experience designing and leading in the implementation of robust corporate networks with the security and redundancy required to maintain business stability. Maximizing interdepartmental collaboration, efficiencies and productivity through thoughtful and smart use of IT resources is a passion. Chris recognized early on in his career that IT was not just a service, but a provider of tools and ideas to help company departments work better, together.

While looking for the next step in his career, Chris was drawn to Arizona Autism United’s mission. He saw early on the struggle members of his family had with social development issues. At the time little support was available to families who only wanted to know how best to care for their children. The prospect of being part of an organization that helped those families and working with a dedicated team that shared that same goal was too much to resist. So, in early 2018 Chris applied to join Arizona Autism United and has not looked back since.

Having trouble getting the help, support, and funding you need? We can help.
Having trouble getting the help, support, and funding you need? We can help.