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Board Bio - Mary Jo Jerde

Mary Jo currently serves as Senior Vice President of the Center for Clinician Advancement at UnitedHealth Group. With over 40 years of experience in the healthcare industry, she is highly skilled in the areas of health management strategy and operations, program design and operation, leadership development and strategic planning. In addition, she has received numerous honors and degrees during her professional career, including the Women's Business Leaders in Healthcare's "Woman of Inspiration and Influence" award in 2019.

Prior to UnitedHealth Group, Mary Jo was with SHPS for 14 years and served as Vice President of Operations, Vice President of Innovation, Client Service Executive, Vice President of Health and Productivity and Associate Vice President Disease Management. Mary Jo also has had numerous executive and clinical leadership roles in large teaching hospitals.  She has presented at national conferences as well as published on a variety of nursing topics.

A graduate of Creighton University with a bachelor’s degree in nursing, Mary Jo also has her master’s degree in business administration.  Mary Jo has also completed a yearlong nurse executive level coursework at the University of St. Thomas College of Business.  She was selected for a yearlong fellowship as part of Center for Nursing Advancement at UnitedHealth Group. In 2017 she was inducted into the American Academy of Nursing as a Fellow. The Women’s Business Leaders in Healthcare awarded Mary Jo the “Woman of Inspiration and Influence” award in 2019.

"I am passionate about serving our community as the mission of AZA United aligns with my mission of service to others." 
Having trouble getting the help, support, and funding you need? We can help.
Having trouble getting the help, support, and funding you need? We can help.